The fact that SKM offers more than just 3D printing is not an advantage, but a gift!

When Jos Saanen, Buyer at Bosch Security Systems, needs a prototype he calls us. We asked him why he chooses SKM.

‘Actually, I’m already retired, but I still work 3 days a week at Bosch Security systems. I have been supporting the purchasing department there for more than 12 years. I order all the parts and services needed for the development of new security products. Bosch has been working with SKM for many years. When I need a prototype or mockup, I ask SKM to make it for me. I prefer to pick up the models myself in Helmond. When I wanted to have four security cameras painted for a trade fair in Las Vegas, they got it done within a week. The fact that SKM offers more than just 3D printing is not an advantage for me, but a gift!

They can not only make the models of our outdoor dome cameras, they can also finish them perfectly. SKM is a reliable partner for me that goes for quality. When I need a model quickly, they are always there for me.’

‘SKM quickly translates a drawing into a model. With this we can go to the trade fair!’

Jeffrey Koch, Technical product specialist at Inventum, has been having models made by SKM for years. We asked him how he likes the cooperation.

‘For us, SKM is a prototype builder who can do more than just make show models. They know very well how to make the technical translation of a drawing into a model. The collaboration is pleasant, because they stick to the agreements. There is good communication at every step of the process and they stick to deadlines.

Trade fair models

Every other year we present our new heat pumps at the VSK fair. A product is not always fully developed by then. Speed is extremely important when making a show model. After all, the trade fair is the perfect time to present our new product that we will bring to market. For the last fair, SKM made a visual model of our new Modul-AIR ventilation heat pump.

Fine-tuning together

Based on the 3D models, SKM made the show model. We have had a lot of contact about the grey edge as to what it should look like. We sent samples back and forth and finally Inventum opted for plastic because of its manufacturability. It is very pleasant to go through these fine-tuning steps together. Do you need a well-finished prototype or visual model quickly? Then I highly recommend SKM!’

‘Need a model quickly, for a good price? Then you need to be at SKM!’

Ronald te Vruchte, senior engineer at VanBerlo, has been working with SKM for many years. We asked him why he works with SKM.

‘As one of the largest design agencies in Western Europe, we work on a wide range of projects. Such as electric car chargers, different types of packaging and even fire-fighting tools that you use to cut cars into pieces. SKM converts our AutoCad drawings into tangible models for our customers. This allows you to test whether something fits well, how something feels and how big a design looks in real life. A 3D model makes an idea tangible.

Fast delivery
We work with a number of regular model makers. SKM always wins out on speed and price/quality ratio. When I deliver a drawing before 15:00, the model is often in my mailbox 2 days later. I even put our customer Worldline in direct contact with SKM when they needed a large number of ‘looks and works like real’ prototypes. I knew that SKM was the right partner who could make high-quality models quickly and with flexibility. If you want to have a model for a good price quickly, you have to be at SKM!’

‘SKM looks at my input with a designer’s eye’

Marnix Oosterwelder Industrial designer and owner of Rake Lijnen, is a happy customer. We asked him what sets SKM apartfrom others. 

“As an independent industrial designer, I am regularly hired by clients in the high-tech, toy and packaging industry. In innovation projects, I like to work with prototypes on a true scale, with which I can test the functioning or the user interaction. For this I often make use of the services of SKM. In doing so, they think along well, give advice and, when necessary, deliver a little faster. This distinguishes them from competitors. SKM looks at my input with a designer’s eye and thinks along with me. They understand what I mean as a designer and that makes the collaboration very pleasant.”

Photo: Katja Gruijters