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‘SKM quickly translates a drawing into a model. With this we can go to the trade fair!’

Jeffrey Koch, Technical product specialist at Inventum, has been having models made by SKM for years. We asked him how he likes the cooperation.

‘For us, SKM is a prototype builder who can do more than just make show models. They know very well how to make the technical translation of a drawing into a model. The collaboration is pleasant, because they stick to the agreements. There is good communication at every step of the process and they stick to deadlines.

Trade fair models

Every other year we present our new heat pumps at the VSK fair. A product is not always fully developed by then. Speed is extremely important when making a show model. After all, the trade fair is the perfect time to present our new product that we will bring to market. For the last fair, SKM made a visual model of our new Modul-AIR ventilation heat pump.

Fine-tuning together

Based on the 3D models, SKM made the show model. We have had a lot of contact about the grey edge as to what it should look like. We sent samples back and forth and finally Inventum opted for plastic because of its manufacturability. It is very pleasant to go through these fine-tuning steps together. Do you need a well-finished prototype or visual model quickly? Then I highly recommend SKM!’

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