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About SKM Rapid



Perfectly shaping ideas is in our DNA. We have been producing high-quality plastic 3D models for more than 20 years, long before 3D printing became a trend.

At the end of the 1980s, Joop Soetens, Jos Meulendijk, and Rudolf van Kersbergen were the pioneers in the field of 3D printing at Philips. In 1997, they founded SKM together – the letters refer to their surnames. The baton was taken over by today’s pioneers. With the latest developments and techniques of our time, they continue under the name SKM.

Our services

We make prototypes, visual models, zero-series or an initial print run. Together we determine the most suitable technique, the material and the quality of the finishing. This way, an idea becomes tangible and you can present your idea at a trade fair, uncover minor mistakes or launch an initial production on the market. Our advanced machines and our experts are fully at your disposal.

SKM Rapid Modelling Foto's Dave van Hout-8115
SKM Rapid Modelling Foto's Dave van Hout-0191

Our people

With our machinery we can go a long way… But without the right professionals in charge, everything will get stuck. Our professionals make the difference. DNA, drive for innovation, empathy and technical creativity are in our hearts. Meet our team. We make your idea tangible!

SKM Rapid Modelling Foto's Dave van Hout-1461

“I often hear from clients that it is easier to ask SKM than a colleague of their own. We have the knowledge, professionals, techniques and machines to shape an idea quickly. Customers trust us and can rely on us”.

Meet our team

We make your idea tangible!

SKM Rapid Modelling Foto's Dave van Hout-1394

Dirk van der Eerden

SKM Rapid Modelling Foto's Dave van Hout-1344

Jeroen Mertens

Project Manager