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‘If I need a model fast, Dirk and Jeroen are always there for me’

Bert Wouters learned the modeling trade from SKM founder Rudolf van Kersbergen. After three Philips reorganisations, he now works as an engineer at Signify. He still has his models for new lighting solutions made by SKM.

‘I met Rudolf in 1986 at Philips Consumer Electronics. After a reorganization he started SKM together with Joop Soetens and Jos Meulendijk. The three of them have set up a great technical company, which I still  use today. In the early days I worked with Rudolf, nowadays I collaborate with Jeroen and Dirk who have taken over.

Personal relationship

We can basically make everything in-house, but some elements are so specific or high-end, that requires good tooling. That’s why I go to SKM. I prefer to do this in person. To build a relationship with my supplier, but also for the confidential relationship. At Signify we work on the innovations of tomorrow. SKM understands that and we have also documented this in a nondisclosure agreement.

Submit on Friday, ready on Monday

We may not be SKMs largest customer, but we do place orders on a regular basis. We are critical in this regard. We set high standards for quality and look for good and quick solutions. That is also the reason why I like working with SKM. Jeroen and Dirk think along with me and are always there for me. If I need a model fast, they will always try to squeeze me in. If I submit my drawing before the end of the day on Friday, they run the machines on the weekend and I have my model ready on Monday. That’s how I like to work with suppliers!’

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