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‘Our collaboration started when they were still part of Philips. When they founded SKM, I remained a local customer’

Before starting their own company, the SKM founders Joop Soetens, Rudolf van Kersbergen en Jos Meulendijk – the letters refer to their surnames, worked at Philips. They were the pioneers in the field of 3D printing. Marco Blokzijl, Demand Manager Prototyping at Philips, met the SKM founders during those early days and always remained a customer. He shares his story why he is still doing business with SKM.

‘For over 41 years I have been working at Philips in Drachten as a prototyping engineer. For the last 30 years, I have been working with SKM to purchase models. This collaboration started when the founders were still working at Philips. When they started their own business, I remained loyal. When Philips has an idea for a new domestic appliance such as a vacuum cleaner or coffee machine, I provide a working prototype.

Top supplier

Over the years, I have developed a firm relationship with SKM. When I request them to develop a model, they understand what I need. I enjoy doing business with SKM, because they are friendly and follow up on agreements. This makes SKM a top supplier to me!’

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