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New Figure 4 standalone printer: smoother textures, lower layer heights and more material options

SKM expands its machinery with a new 3D printer. Manager Dirk van der Eerden explains the benefits of the new Figure 4 Standalone printer.

‘The Figure 4 Standalone printer broadly works according to the stereolithography (SLA) principle. Just like SLA, a model is built from a liquid. The difference with this printer is that it doesn’t use a laser, but a very accurate projector that illuminates the entire print area at once. The new machine enables us to print lower layer heights up to 10 microns. Just for comparison: our SLA printers are building models at the lower layer height of a 100 microns. This enables us to print even smaller and more detailed features.

Smooth results and new materials

Another advantage is that this new machine prints very smooth prototypes. You can hardly see any printsteps! It looks like an injection moulding product, but it really is a printed model. Also with this printer, we can offer customers new print materials. For example high temp SLA materials or material that is much stronger than the traditional SLA materials that are part of our current collection. We can even print rubber models with this new machine!’

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