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Project: Innovative storage case Glouv sanitizes face masks and prevents waste

Since the outbreak of the corona crisis, over a 100 billion face masks are used every month. In 2020 1,6 billion facemasks end up in the ocean after being used. Design studio DUNC and Inventeers came up with a solution for this growing environmental issue: the Glouv. A portable UV face mask sanitizer.  At the request of Ontwerpstudio DUNC SKM created the Glouv prototypes during the development phase.

The prototype of the storage case has a sleek design. SKM printed the solid plastic 3D case. Inside fits a folded face mask and are smart LED-lights with UV lighting. This is also where its name originates from. Glouv comes from the word ‘glove’ but can also be pronounced as ‘Glow UV’. This refers to the UV-light that is used to sanitize the face mask.

Luxury finishing

Next to functionality, the design is also an important element. Dunc and Inventeers developed a luxury product. The Glouv will cost approximately 90 euros. Therefore the portable face mask sanitizer had to be robust and have a contemporary look. SKM foresees that the luxury finishing will appeal to the Asian market. In China there is an increasing demand for European luxury products. The perfect finish of the Glouv appeals to this audience.

Learn more about the Glouv portable UV face mask sanitizer.

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