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‘The higher the quality of the prototype, the more production issues can be prevented’

Before design studio DUNCE creates a new product, they ask SKM to make multiple prototypes. Owner Ruud Groeneveld explains why he has his models made in Helmond for his company located in Oestgeest.

‘After graduating in Delft, I founded our design studio together with my business partner Laurence Venne. What sets us apart from other studios is our pragmatic approach and focus on electronics enclosures. We don’t just design enclosures, we also engineer, test and produce the designs that we draw.

Preventing productionissues

Problems that arise after production tools have been made, can be costly and hamper our production time. Because we are also responsible for the production, we are super focussed on testing our designs. We test our designs by using multiple models during each production phase. To be able to properly test our designs, the quality of the prototype is very important. The higher the quality, the more production issues can be prevented.

High quality

For the production of our prototypes, we tried various 3D-printing companies, also in our own region. What sets SKM aparts is their high quality models. Their machinery is so accurate that all models are really smooth. Also the resolution of the stereolithography models is really high. As of recently, they can now produce injection moulded products in small batches. SKM makes sure that each prototype has a perfect finish, so we can see how a prototype works and looks in practice.

Testing mechanical properties

Another technique that we use often is vacuum casting. When designing electronics enclosures, the material choice is defined by the product specifications. By vacuum casting using polyurethane we can simulate the mechanical properties of different types of plastics. By doing drop, fire or IP-testing, we can assess if the mechanical properties meet the required product demands.

Good communication, flexibility and fast

SKM does not only deliver good prototypes, they are also straightforward when it comes to communication. When Dirk or Jeroen makes a commitment, we can rely on them. If something can’t be done, they inform us as soon as possible. And if a prototype looks different than designed? They simply adjust it. High quality, flexibility and good communication, that is why I work with SKM in every phase of product development!’

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