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Autonomous shuttle of the future

Less than 500 meters from SKM, Altran Engineering develops an innovative autonomous shuttle in commission of 2getthere. What you can’t see from the outside is SKM’s contribution to the interior of this smart mobility solution. Han van der Weerden,

buyer at Altran, asked SKM to create various interior parts of the shuttle.

Han has been working with SKM since 1985 for prototypes and small series of automotive solutions. The collaboration intensified in 2016 with the production of 2getthere’s autonomous shuttles. “We also call these vehicles ‘people movers’. In these 6-metre-long minibuses, 22 people can be transported completely autonomously. So without a human driver. The shuttles are automatically recharged via the ‘charging plate’ under the shuttles when passengers board and disembark.”

Protecting sensors and electricity

The vehicle looks sleek on the outside. “But inside the shuttle is full of sensors and electronics”, Han explains. And inside of the vehicles is where SKM’s contribution can be found. “SKM has made various interior parts for us to protect the electronics. For example, for the light box that displays the final destination, SKM made the hood that protects the inside.” Most hoods and covers are made using stereolithography (SLA) in Xtreme material. But selective laser sintering (SLS) was also used for printing the interior parts.

Future shuttles

The first 6 shuttles are now driving around the Rivium business park in Gouda. Han can already share that a new series of smart vehicles is on its way. “With the acquisition of 2getthere by ZF, there are plans to produce the shuttles on a larger scale.”

As SKM, we are happy to contribute again to these future shuttles!

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