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‘At SKM you don’t talk to a salesperson, you work with specialists who create solutions’

They have the same roots. Jos van Esch met SKM founder Rudolf van Kersbergen at the Philips business school. After a career in the tobacco industry, Jos wanted to do something good for society. With his company ReMediZ, he is developing a medicine safe where unused medicines can be reused. For the first series, he went back to his roots and contacted SKM.

‘Rudolf and I come from the same background. We met at the Philips business school. There we sewed the blisters on our hands. A fun time, where we learned to make the most beautiful tools. That is where our shared passion arose. Creating and executing ideas, hands-on. So when I wanted to create my own product years later after my career at Philips Morris, I knew I had to contact Rudolf again.

Brainstorming with experts

Recently Rudolf passed away and I very much regret that. But the two excellent experts he hired are great to work with. Just like Rudolf, Jeroen and Dirk are true professionals. When you show them a drawing, they immediately know if it can be made. And if something is not (yet) possible, they come up with a way to cast a part. They have an enormous amount of material knowledge and know the hardness, resilience and flexibility of plastic like no other. At SKM you don’t talk to a salesperson, you work with specialists who create solutions!’

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