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Meds safe prevents medicine waste

After a long career in the tobacco industry, Jos van Esch wanted to do something good for society. He develops Meds Safe with his company ReMediZ. A medicine safe that stores medicines under perfect conditions, so that unused medicines are no longer wasted. He asked SKM for the development of the first series.

‘If medicines don’t work or if the side effects are too severe, a treatment is often stopped,’ explains Jos. ‘The leftover medicines go back to the pharmacy and are destroyed. We wanted to change that. Our Meds Safe is a medicine safe with perfect storing conditions. Each medicine has its own serial number. When a medicine is not used, it can be returned to the pharmacy so that it can be reissued. In this way we reduce medical waste, medicines can be reissued and you prevent medicine residues from unnecessarily polluting the environment.

Brainstorming with experts

Jeroen and Dirk truelly collaborated with us for the Meds Safe plastic casting. They have an enormous amount of material knowledge and know the hardness, resilience and flexibility of plastic like no other. They brainstorm with you about the entire development process. You never have the feeling that you are talking to a salesperson. At SKM you collaborate with experts and that is what I need for the development of my product!’

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