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‘A 3D model shows so much more than a drawing’

As a senior designer at design agency Groendijk Design, Ivo Sassen likes to offer his customers something extra. With a tangible model he can show his clients that a design is also ergonomically correct. And that extra, is made by SKM.

‘You used to make models from foam or cardboard’, Ivo explains. ‘But with a handle made of foam, you cannot test whether they fit comfortably in your hand.’ To test the ergonomics of a design, he contacted SKM. The first meeting with Rudolf van Kasbergen was an instant succes. ‘I immediately thought: this adds something to our profession. With a realistic 3D model you not only shape your design, you can also test and experience whether buttons are in the right location.’

Demonstrate what you’re working on

Many people think that digital is the solution. Nevertheless Ivo emphasizes the added value of a physical model. ‘You can make fancy animations for trade fairs. But visitors don’t come to a trade show to look at a screen. Our clients want to demonstrate their customers what they are working on. Even if it’s still a concept, what you often see in the automotive industry with concept cars, customers want to see how something will turn out. With a prototype, it is also easier to start a conversation than with a 3D drawing.’

Committed and high quality

Ivo summarizes the positive points of the collaboration with SKM: ‘Committed and high quality. At SKM you don’t just send in a 3D file. They always contact you personally to discuss the design. Many employees have been working there for 15 years and are passionate about their profession. They have an eye for detail. I am amazed every time I walk into SKM and see the latest projects on display.’

Small series

‘Because SKM also makes small series, it is also interesting for startups and young companies to have a model made. A model reduces the barrier for potential customers to buy the product. And by having a single model or small series made, you keep your costs low. I advise anyone with a good idea to have a model made by SKM, it really shows so much more than just a 3D drawing!’

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