RapidPro fair postponed to 2022

Due to the updated corona measures, the RapidPro fair will be postponed to 2022. A new date has not yet been announced.

If you don’t want to wait for the fair in 2022 and meet SKM now, just contact us. We are happy to tell you more about our techniques, materials and possibilities.

Meet SKM at RapidPro

Would you like to make your idea tangible? Learn which techniques we offer and what materials we use? Visit SKM at the RapidPro fair.

RapidPro is the trade fair for hightech innovations in 3D printing. We would like to show you what we can manifacture for you! The fair takes place on December 8 and 9 at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven.

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Now available: free set of vacuum casting swatches

In addition our SLA and SLS casting swatches, we now also offer a free set of vacuum casting swatches.

Besides a wide range of techniques, SKM also offers an extensive range of materials. Would you like to see and experience our materials before we start printing? Request your material swatches today by submitting our contact form! We will send it to you for free. The set includes the following materials.

Hard materials

  • PR700
  • PR740
  • PR777
  • PRA794
  • PRC1810
  • 8051


  • 8891; A40/A60/A80
  • HPE-V2; Shore D50

SLS material PA 650 achieves biocompatibility certification

The SLS printing material PA 650 has obtained the certification ‘biocompatible’ (ISO 10993). That is good news for our customers in the medical sector and food industry.

Recently the PA 650 SLS material has achieved biocompatibility certification. The ISO 10993 certification officially approves its use in applications that come into contact with human skin, including surgical cutting guides, splints, orthotics, gripper trays and more. The certification also approves the material for use in various applications that come into contact with food, such as trays, assembly lines and end-of-arm tooling.

Would you like to learn more about PA 650? Here you can find all specifications.


First series of smart flagpoles put on the top of the Kurhaus hotel

For a first series of smart flagpoles, designer Intomast was looking for a company that could make a vacuum cast for the orange pole topper. Project leader Jeroen Mertens explains which technique SKM used for the prototype of the orange mast buttons.

“The founder of this flagpole is a real inventor,” says Jeroen. He invented a smart mast that makes it possible to hoist and lower the flag from the inside. The inventor made a 3D print of the mast topper using FDM technology.” He contacted SKM because he was looking for a company that could make high-quality casts for his first series for the Kurhaus hotel in Scheveningen.”

Colors with pigment
SKM first printed a master model. Jeroen explains: “We made a silicone mold from this master model, which we then used for the entire series. By using this vacuum casting technique, you get high quality products. “The mast knob was colored orange by adding pigments during the casting process. “For this orange color, we mixed the pigment manually with the colors: black, white, gray, red, blue, yellow and green. With this technique we can make any RAL color.” Thanks to the high-quality material, the flag topper is weather and wind resistant. “And because the pigment is mixed throughout the material, the topper does not discolour,” Jeroen explains.

High-level innovation
The first series of smart flagpoles with an orange topper has been delivered to the Kurhaus. Holland Mast B.V. put the masts on the hotel’s iconic domes. Jeroen looks back on this project with satisfaction. “Everything came together: from an innovative idea to high-level implementation. We are very proud of this project!”

Obituary for Rudolf van Kersbergen

It is with great disbelief and sadness that we share the news of the sudden passing of our colleague and friend Dhr. Rudolf van Kersbergen. He was the co-founder of Rapid Modelling B.V. All our customers and suppliers, including you, have used our services through Rudolf.

Rudolf was not only most competent and qualified, he was also a people’s person. He was always ready to serve our customers and always available to colleagues. Rudolf passed away with his boots on. We will miss Rudolf greatly and we will continue our business in his legacy.

On behalf of the entire SKM team, we wish his wife Marian, his children, grandchildren and family strength during this difficult time to process this lost.

You can direct your correspondence to SKM, we will ensure that the family receives it.

SKM Rapid Modelling B.V.
Vlamovenweg 20
5708JV Helmond

New stronger white SLA material: Evolve

Many customers required a stronger material for SLA prints. The new Evolve material is sustainable stereolithography material. It enables us to print very detailed parts and prototypes.

The biggest advantage is that this material is approximately 50% more stiff than Xtreme. Another benefit is the white colour. With the SLA printers we can print Evolve material to a maximum size of 350x350x350mm. Evolve can be applied to many sectors, such as consumerproducts, electronics, automotive and the aerospace industry.

More infomation

Would you like to receive more information about Evolve or SLA printing ? Do not hesitate to contact us.

New Figure 4 standalone printer: smoother textures, lower layer heights and more material options

SKM expands its machinery with a new 3D printer. Manager Dirk van der Eerden explains the benefits of the new Figure 4 Standalone printer.

‘The Figure 4 Standalone printer broadly works according to the stereolithography (SLA) principle. Just like SLA, a model is built from a liquid. The difference with this printer is that it doesn’t use a laser, but a very accurate projector that illuminates the entire print area at once. The new machine enables us to print lower layer heights up to 10 microns. Just for comparison: our SLA printers are building models at the lower layer height of a 100 microns. This enables us to print even smaller and more detailed features.

Smooth results and new materials

Another advantage is that this new machine prints very smooth prototypes. You can hardly see any printsteps! It looks like an injection moulding product, but it really is a printed model. Also with this printer, we can offer customers new print materials. For example high temp SLA materials or material that is much stronger than the traditional SLA materials that are part of our current collection. We can even print rubber models with this new machine!’

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Project: Innovative storage case Glouv sanitizes face masks and prevents waste

Since the outbreak of the corona crisis, over a 100 billion face masks are used every month. In 2020 1,6 billion facemasks end up in the ocean after being used. Design studio DUNC and Inventeers came up with a solution for this growing environmental issue: the Glouv. A portable UV face mask sanitizer.  At the request of Ontwerpstudio DUNC SKM created the Glouv prototypes during the development phase.

The prototype of the storage case has a sleek design. SKM printed the solid plastic 3D case. Inside fits a folded face mask and are smart LED-lights with UV lighting. This is also where its name originates from. Glouv comes from the word ‘glove’ but can also be pronounced as ‘Glow UV’. This refers to the UV-light that is used to sanitize the face mask.

Luxury finishing

Next to functionality, the design is also an important element. Dunc and Inventeers developed a luxury product. The Glouv will cost approximately 90 euros. Therefore the portable face mask sanitizer had to be robust and have a contemporary look. SKM foresees that the luxury finishing will appeal to the Asian market. In China there is an increasing demand for European luxury products. The perfect finish of the Glouv appeals to this audience.

Learn more about the Glouv portable UV face mask sanitizer.