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First series of smart flagpoles put on the top of the Kurhaus hotel

For a first series of smart flagpoles, designer Intomast was looking for a company that could make a vacuum cast for the orange pole topper. Project leader Jeroen Mertens explains which technique SKM used for the prototype of the orange mast buttons.

“The founder of this flagpole is a real inventor,” says Jeroen. He invented a smart mast that makes it possible to hoist and lower the flag from the inside. The inventor made a 3D print of the mast topper using FDM technology.” He contacted SKM because he was looking for a company that could make high-quality casts for his first series for the Kurhaus hotel in Scheveningen.”

Colors with pigment
SKM first printed a master model. Jeroen explains: “We made a silicone mold from this master model, which we then used for the entire series. By using this vacuum casting technique, you get high quality products. “The mast knob was colored orange by adding pigments during the casting process. “For this orange color, we mixed the pigment manually with the colors: black, white, gray, red, blue, yellow and green. With this technique we can make any RAL color.” Thanks to the high-quality material, the flag topper is weather and wind resistant. “And because the pigment is mixed throughout the material, the topper does not discolour,” Jeroen explains.

High-level innovation
The first series of smart flagpoles with an orange topper has been delivered to the Kurhaus. Holland Mast B.V. put the masts on the hotel’s iconic domes. Jeroen looks back on this project with satisfaction. “Everything came together: from an innovative idea to high-level implementation. We are very proud of this project!”

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