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From owning a small printing company to being employed by SKM: meet vacuum casting specialist Jeffrey

Due to the corona crisis, Jeffrey Tabben had to quit his own 3D printing company. He was looking for a new job in the same workfield and found a vacancy for vacuum casting specialist at SKM. Jeffrey applied and got the job. That was 5 months ago, so it’s time to introduce Jeffrey.

“At my own company Dutch Props, I was doing the same job as I am at SKM,” says Jeffrey. The number of assignments reduced due to the corona crisis. For Jeffrey, it was now the time to become employed again. “At, the first match I got was the SKM vacancy. I applied immediately, because how often do you come across a job that is right up your alley. Here I can do the same as in my own company, but as an employee.” At the interview, there was a click on both sides, so Jeffrey started as a vacuum caster.

Attention to detail
Jeffrey strives for perfection in his work. “I have an eye for detail.” That’s useful when preparing the molds. “You shouldn’t be able to see that it has been printed. All lines must be gone.” Jeffrey knows the 3D printing market like no other because of his years of experience as a self-employed person. “I see it immediately if there is a print line. At SKM, I make sure that doesn’t happen here.”

Continuing to grow
Jeffrey currently works as a vacuum casting specialist. But his ambition is to grow into printing and finishing. “That’s my passion. I enjoy making castings, but I love seeing how you get from nothing to something with 3D printing. “At SKM, Jeffrey gets the opportunity to grow. “We are currently looking for a prototyping employee. When that vacancy is filled, I can develop further in 3D printing and the perfect finishing.”

Working on innovation
For Jeffrey, this job is like a puzzle where all pieces fell into place. “I love that I was able to find a new job in my own sector. In our region there are few companies that are all-round specialists in 3D printing. The companies out there are often one-person businesseses like I was myself. At SKM I have career opportunities, I am part of a team and I can developing myself in the workfield.” Finally, we asked Jeffrey what he does not miss about running his own business. He immediately answers: “The acquisition and invoicing. I can now spend work all on the innovations of tomorrow. I prefer that over business administration!”

Are you looking for a new job, just like Jeffrey? We are looking for new colleagues. View our vacancies and apply!

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