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Injection moulding in small run / batches

small run / batches

Would you like to test the mechanical properties of your injection moulding material before you start the production of your moulds? Or do you have a product that you would like to market in a small run or small batches in a specific material? Then injection moulding might be an interesting option! As of recently, it is now possible to produce injection moulded products in small batches at SKM. Ask about the possibilities!

SKM Rapid Modelling Foto's Dave van Hout-8115
SKM Rapid Modelling Foto's Dave van Hout-0191

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With all techniques, machines and materials under one roof, we can realise any idea, make series and finish it off perfectly. But which technique do you need for this? That depends on your question and where you are in the development of your idea.

Contact us and we will inform you about our possibilities.

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