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MeetDirk van der Eerden


I started at SKM in 2011. As a manager, I am responsible for all the models that are made here for our customers. I am the face towards our customers, supervise our craftsmen in the workshop and am technically responsible for our machinery.

Technical centipede

On a technical level, you cannot fool me. When I started at SKM, I was thrown in the deep end. I stood behind all the machines, which was a good learning experience for me. I like working at SKM because here we do more than just printing. We have all the techniques available to produce the desired models. When necessary, I still assist in production.

SKM Rapid Modelling Foto's Dave van Hout-1394

Working on innovation

I enjoy it when, as a consumer, I see products on the shelves to which we have contributed. We have already brought many innovations from our customers to the market, such as the Senseo, cordless hoovers and smart watches.

Freedom and responsibilities

When working at a large company, you usually have one job or role. At SKM, I have the freedom to do whatever it takes to run this company. I enjoy working with my hands, managing our people, being responsible for our machines and be contact person for our customers. This what makes my job variable and makes me go to work happy every day!