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New website live!

Not only do our customers innovate, SKM also continues to innovate! Today our new website went live.

The goal of the website is to show that SKM does more than just 3D printing. In 1997, 3D pioneers Joop Soetens, Jos Meulendijk, and Rudolf van Kersbergen founded SKM together. Now, that baton has been taken over by today’s pioneers. With the latest developments and techniques of our time, SKM is moving forward. And we want to show that on our new website.

Perfect finishing
The focus is on new techniques. Manager Dirk van Eerden explains: ‘We do more than just printing. Because we can also do injection moulding, vacuum moulding and varnishing, we finish all models perfectly. Not everyone knows this, which is why we are highlighting it on the new website’.

Beautiful projects and satisfied customers
The projects are also placed in the spotlight. Project leader Jeroen Martens proudly says: ‘At SKM we are at the cradle of innovation. This is where new inventions such as smartwatches and cordless hoovers emerge. On the website you can see what ideas we have shaped. Customers tell us why they come to SKM with their idea. ‘We can’t say for ourselves what distinguishes us from others. That’s why we asked our customers this question. Their stories are now online.’

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