How fast can you deliver?

Many customers ask us this question. Speed ​​is vital when turning a new idea into a product. By working efficiently, your product will be the first on the market and you will be ahead of the competition. At SKM we understand this and adjust our delivery times to the demands of our customers. Manager Dirk van der Eerden explains his not so standard answer to this frequently asked question.

“We process every request personally,” explains Dirk. Where large companies often have an online portal where customers need to submit their request, a customer at SKM can always call Dirk personally. “When a customer tells me that they are in a hurry due to an upcoming fair, I will see what I can do to make that deadline.”

Dirk aligns with project manager Jeroen which materials are required and what the workshop schedule is. “On request, many things are possible at SKM. We put words into action when it comes to ‘Rapid Modeling’. Dirk advises customers to always contact SKM personally to discuss the delivery speed. “We do not use a standard delivery time of x number of days or weeks for each step of the process. Our strength is our flexibility. And what if push comes to shove? Then I help out myself in our machinery. So that the customer’s product is ready for the fair on time!”

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How many products can you make with one mould?

Please feel free to ask any question you may have! A frequently asked question is: ‘ How many products can you make using one mould?’ Below you can find our answer to this question.

On average a mould can be used for 15 to 40 castings. The exact number differs according to a range of variables.

  • What are the material requirements? – Some materials are very aggressive to the silicon mould. When using such materials the mould will not last very long.
  • How complex is the product? –The more delicate the product the more difficult it is to remove the scaffolding without damaging the mould. Also complex products can impact the lifespan of the mould.

Depending on the size of the product, we can cast multiple products using one mould. When you have a set of 3D printed moulds you can use them all at once and mass manufacture your objects in batches that will speed your production nicely. For smaller products, we can create a set of 10 moulds, enabling you to create 400 products when casting 40 products per mould!
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