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MeetJeroen Mertens


‘At the beginning of 2019, I started as a project leader at SKM. My job is very diverse. I am in contact with customers, make agreements about deliveries and coordinate production with the workshop. And if needed, I help out in the workshop.

New challenge

Since 2009, I have been working in prototyping in various roles. When I was ready for a new challenge, I listed what I was looking for with a new employer. I wanted to work for an SME, with different types of customers and in a nice team. That’s what I found at SKM. In my role, I work on short projects. This way I keep my focus, work on different models and keep challenging myself.

SKM Rapid Modelling Foto's Dave van Hout-1344

Favorite project

Sometimes a model has to be made quickly. Bosch, for example, asked us to make a show model of a security camera in a short time. This had to be finished on time, because a senior manager was coming to the Netherlands especially to see the camera in real life. Under time pressure, we printed the model, painted it and provided the model with stickers with the Bosch logo. The model was finished on time, the customer was impressed by the quality and was very satisfied. When I speak to the customer, he still starts talking about this rush order which we completed well and quickly. That is what I do it for!