Techniques and Materials

Technieken en materialen SKM

Depending on the type of product, SKM uses the following techniques.

  • Stereolithografy (SLA)

    Stereolithography is a technique with which a product is produced one layer at a time by curing a UV sensitive resin with a laser beam. This technique is often used to make a model before developing a mould. An exact model makes an idea tangible and can serve as a concept model or to fine-tune a design.

  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

    Selective Laser Sintering is a technique with which a product is produced one layer at a time by fusing small particles with a laser beam. This is sometimes also referred to as the sinter process.

  • Vacuum casting

    Vacuum casting is a technique that makes it possible to produce prototypes and small series in a short time span and at a relatively low cost, using silicone moulds. A suitable material is available for almost every application: rubber in various degrees of hardness; ABS; all sorts of colours. We have a material that has been approved by Volkswagen, among other materials.

  • CNC milling with interconnected laser-assisted machining technique

    In addition, SKM possesses its own instrument and mould foundry. We have various conventional lathe and milling tools and a small CNC machine. Silicone moulds are built in-house. We have a fully equipped finishing department and a spray booth for the finishing of the various products.