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Additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping

SKM offers solutions for the most diverse challenges. Trade fair and scale models, prototypes, 0 series, and small series: Rapid Prototyping (popularly better known as 3D printing) and Additive Manufacturing are increasingly important links in the product and product engineering process.

You can have us manufacture 3D models for the most diverse purposes. We manufacture working models, scale models, and concept models, enabling you to present an idea in a tangible manner, to detect errors in a design or to make an impression at a trade fair. We also produce small series. We even do so several times per year for certain clients in the manufacturing industry. This is economically appealing when your series is too small for an injection mould.

As we work with professional machines, we can implement a design accurately and finish it in a variety of ways. This is what sets us apart from the rest of the market. For example, we have the largest SLA printer currently available, among other machines.

Your idea is, without a doubt, safe in our hands. We understand how critical confidentiality and reliability are in this field.